Happyland is a CAHCC community centre based in Takeo Province, Cambodia. It is our main objective is to create a safe, supportive and educational environment for local young people and their families, living in disadvantaged conditions. It is our intention, through empowerment and inclusion, to enable young people to pursue their dreams, while being positive role models in their community.

Happyland children drawing  

All of our daily activities and working practices follow and are inspired by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

Our primary focus is to:

– Empower and safeguard young people.
– Provide opportunities for personal growth and development.
– Facilitate educational support, classes, workshops and activities.
– Promote sustainability and awareness of environmental issues.
– Encourage/support healthy lifestyles, mindfulness and general well-being.
– Promote/encourage inclusion, with an emphasis on positive interpersonal relationships.
– Support basic needs.
– Assist with further education, medical and dental care.
– Engage with the community in a positive and respectful way.

We believe that play, creativity and imagination are important factors in social and educational development.
They play a key role in developing self-awareness, self- confidence and healthy self-esteem.

Thanks to the collaboration of volunteers from around the world, young people and members of the local community, we have been able to offer a wide variety of classes, workshops and activities. 

The main classes we run are English and computer, alongside free play, arts & crafts and general sports. Over the years with the help of skilled volunteers, we were also able to facilitate: judo, gymnastics, break-dancing, graffiti art, yoga, contemporary dance, circus skills, murals, drumming/guitar workshops and swimming.

Without this international cooperation, it wouldn’t be possible for Happyland to constantly grow, achieve goals and make projects a reality.

VOLUNTEER at Community Centre Happyland

Volunteer tasks include but are not limited to, supporting classes (teaching if you stay for a long period), supervising/playing, organizing activities, cooking, cleaning, gardening, admin and IT.  This is a great opportunity to get involved, make a difference and plunge into rural Cambodian culture. Read more…