Community Center Happyland

Happyland is a community center based in Takeo Province, Cambodia. It is our main objective to create a safe, supportive and educational environment for local young people and their families, living in disadvantaged conditions. Read more…



Sponsor a Child

CAHCC was able to match sponsors with several children (and their families) from poor situations. Thanks to this project these children were able to go to school and in several cases receive basic needs according to the UN rights of the child, e.g. medicine, shelter, food and clothing, access to water and electricity, transportation, hospital, health-, eye- and dental care. If you want more information about sponsoring a child read CAHCC’s guidelines and procedures for Child Sponsorship Programmes.




Library and Share Circle 

The community is welcome at Happyland to borrow books and toys. We also share first aid supplies. 


In Save Hands Project

We promote ethical and responsible volunteering. CAHCC is a community center, not an orphanage or a public school. The children we welcome are going to their local public schools and outside school time they can receive Student Support, English class, Computer class and workshops for free in CAHCC’s community center. Volunteers are not taking over jobs from locals, but they are a welcoming add on to the already existing fascillities. CAHCC participates in the In Safe Hands Project, which includes a Child Protection Policy, Code of Conduct and the use of security camera’s to enhance the physical and social security for the children, teachers, staff and volunteers. 

Be a Child Safe Traveler

We promote Child Safe Traveling. 

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